Our approach

Approaching each client individually,
O Editorial is much more than just a service, being the ideal partner for the development of your brand.

Helping you to connect with your audience in an original and captivating way,
O Editorial always looks to every new project with fresh eyes and curiosity, using our experience of decades in design and publishing.

Creating a brand narrative suited to your line of business, we develop the right strategy to communicate effectively and to stand out in a crowded market.



Our Services

Visual Identity
Editorial Projects
Creative Direction
Web Design
Digital Communication
Photography and Film
Product Development
Interior Design



Our Clients

Bamer (Wall Partitions and Furniture)
Cabana (Online Shop)
Casa da Comporta (Luxury Villa)
Consexto (Home Technology Architects)
Domo (Design Shop)
Dos Santos (Jewellery)
Doze (Magazine)
Drapeau Noir (Fashion)
Elements (Jewellery)
Essential Lisboa (Magazine)
Essential Macau (Magazine)
Ghome (Furniture)
GQ Portugal (Magazine)
Ideal & Co (Bags and Accessories)
José Lourenço (Artist)
LACS (Creative Cluster)
Making Place Angola (Construction)
Making Place Portugal (Furniture)
Michelle Bond (Health and Beauty)
Miguel Raposo (Architect)
Mihi (Swimwear)
O Editorial (Limited Editions)
Patrícia Braga (Decorative Painter)
Paulino Spectacles (Eyewear)
Quarto Sala (Design Shop)
ReadyMaid (Home Management)
RIO (Luxury Apartment)
Short Stories (Bespoke Stories)
The Nest (Real Estate)
The New Voyager (Travel Guides)
Vector Mais (Construction)
Wall Designers (Design Service)