Whipping Post

It is very interesting to note that many of the good ideas or products arise from the frustration of its creators, whether for being exhausted of their professions or that same discontent make them return to the origins, to what is truly essential. Ryan Barr, the founder of the Whipping Post, is an excellent example of this and the result could not have been better. After several failed careers, the former musician decided to create by himself a strap for his guitar, planting the seed for Whipping Post. After acquiring experience in the industry and having found a production facility in Mexico, through his mentor, Ryan Barr launched its beautiful collection of bags and accessories in vegetable tanned leather. Produced with extreme attention to detail and having a timeless design, the American brand pieces aren’t only about the look, being excellent for intensive use, perfect to be passed from generation to generation. In addition to the roll top backpack, we love the military and weekend duffle bags and the messenger bag!