Weekly Inspiration #32

Vazio & Capital - After the launch of the collection 'Imagens que Contam', with Bestial and Sombras books, Pato Lógico presents two more beautiful titles in this series, where the stories are told exclusively through images. While Vazio, illustrated by Catarina Sobral, tells the story of an empty man in search of something to fill him, Capital, by Afonso Cruz, shows a boy who gets a piggy bank, in crockery, with a slot in the back so he can be fed with capital.

Officina Lisboa - Founded in 2012 by Catarina Fezas Vital and Isabel Henriques Silva, Officina Lisboa is a footwear brand designed and produced in Portugal. Using quality materials, the man shoes by Officina Lisboa stand out by its simplicity and timeless lines, like the pictured brown Derby.

Anglepoise x Paul Smith - Since a long time that Anglepoise is one my favorite lamps manufacturer and i can not stop using my Original 1227 daily. Recently, the British brand joined Paul Smith to reinterpret the iconic Type 75. Using the stylish and functional form of the Type 75, Paul Smith used several colors to give a unique look to this classic designed by Kenneth Grange.