Weekly Inspiration #23

Gastrotypographicalassemblage - Like one of the walls at La Fonda del Sol restaurant, designed in 1960 by Alexander Girard, the wall installation at the CBS's headquarters was a true visual delight for typography lovers and a great example of sixties design. Conceived by Lou Dorfsman  in 1966, Gastrotypographicalassemblage was dismantled in 1989 and stored since then, until The Culinary Institute of America decided to recover it to their new pavillion in Hyde Park. Love it!

The FvF Apartment - Recently opened in Berlin, FvF apartment is the result of the styles and experiences of Vitra and Freund von Freunden, showing the urban living of a creative, mobile and digitally-oriented generation. Conceived by interior designers Etienne Descloux and Katrin Greiling, the apartment is a flexible space, a platform for innovative products from the several partners, such as Artek or New Tendency.

O Coleccionador - Resulting from the collaboration between Bessa Pereira Gallery, plastic artist André Romão and architect André Azevedo, this exhibition presents the private universe of a fictional collector. In an intimate space, full of books and objects collected along a lifetime, the collector's passion for design is visible through a careful selection of pieces designed by Zanine Caldas, Charlotte Perriand, Hans Olsen, José Espinho or Serge Mouille.