Weekly Inspiration #22

Lolita & Milf - Recently presented in Lisbon by our friends from Quinta do Pôpa, the second edition of 'Wine on the Rocks Finkus Collection' is one of the most exciting wine projects in Portugal. Lolita and Milf, reds from Douro region, made with local grape varieties, are the result of the collaboration between Quinta do Pôpa, Finkus Bripp and artist McBess, creating "wines that surprise for the concept, design and quality".

Panasonic x Colette - Considered the smallest interchangeable lens camera in the market, Lumix GM1 is now available in a special edition by Colette. With a retro style, offering the quality of a reflex in an ultra-compact body,  the 50 numbered copies come in an appeling tone of blue and are available in colette's webshop.

Brooks Videos - Showing the new bags by Brooks, the most recent videos by the english brand explain the use and function of the models. Counting with the acting of Brooks employees and industry partners, the shirt videos are explanatory, inspiring and full of irony.