Weekly Inspiration #20

Fungi - Designed by Gridy, a norwegian designer duo, this shelves for Menu were inspired by mushrooms that grow on tree trunks. "The shelves can be mounted as single pieces or organized in large groups. The idea for this piece was to make a shelf that would stand out, but at the same time wouldn’t take away focus from the object placed on it."

Carolina Iriarte - In one of the last Freund von Freunden visits to creatives workplaces, the online publication talked with argentine Carolina Iriarte in Barcelona. Founder of Iriarte Iriarte, the designer explained how she started the business, the concept of the leather bag collection and her inspirations.

Martina Organics - Founded by Marta Maria Camara, born in Lisbon, but being raised in New Zealand, Martina Organics is a new organic cosmetic brand from Wellington. Using botanical oils, that have a small molecular structure that is similar to the skin, the product range includes a moisturiser, toner and oil cleanser, all in beautiful bottles with wooden lids.