Weekly Inspiration #17

On the Map - Some days ago, while searching for new stuff at Palavra de Viajante bookshop, i discovered this amazing book by Simon Garfield. Exploring our fancination for maps, essential element for our understanding of the world, tracking our progress and stories, On the Map is a fundamental book. "From the early sketches of philosophers and explorers through to Google Maps and beyond, Simon Garfield examines how maps both relate and realign our history".

Windsor Love Seat - Designed in 1956 by Luciano Ercolani, founder of Ercol, Windsor Love Seat is one of the greatest classics of british contemporary design. Inspired by the silhouette of the traditional Windsor chair, this bench in solid wood stands out for the blue painted seat and timeless design.

John Derian by The Selby - Since a long time that i admire the work of John Derian, either by his shops or the Decoupage accessories collection. Visited by photographer Todd Selby, aka The Selby, John Derian showed his eclectic and inspiring apartment in New York, a charming world full of vintage pieces and curiosities.