Weekly Inspiration #13

Wunderkammer by Alquián - Founded by David Moya and Joan Martinez Gonzalez, online shop Alquián was created one year ago and celebrates the anniversary with a pop-up shop in Inventory Barcelona, open between the 7th and 10th of November. During this days, Inventory Barcelona becomes an appealing cabinet of curiosities, where we can find pieces related with sciences: animals, botanical illustrations, corals, anatomy models, lamps and ceramics inspired in natural textures.

Laboratório d'Estórias - Coming from Caldas da Rainha, city known for the ceramic industry, Rute Sousa and Sérgio Vieira are the creators of Laboratório d'Estórias. Recovering production and painting techniques from the 19th century, the brand presents reinvented traditional pieces, like the The Rascal Crow, that matches black glazed faience with aged brass legs.

Chelsea Miller Knives - Handmade with wood from Vermont and recycled steel, this knives are true works of art. "Reflecting the complexity and simplicity of hard work and playful spirit", the unique pieces created by Chelsea Miller stand out for the vintage charm, functionality and attention to detail.