Weekly Inspiration #10

Loja das Conservas - Opened recently by ANICP, the portuguese association of tinned fish producers, Loja das Conversas is already an important destination for lisboans and turists. In this sapce located in Rua do Arsenal, you can the best portuguese tinned fish, including some only available abroad.

h'OUR - Created by Joana Prata and João Nápoles de Carvalho, H'OUR is the most recent wine brand being born in Dpouro region. 'Favouring quality instead of quantity', h'OUR presents a floral white wine, a red wine produced with grapes from vineyards with 35 to 60 years and 300 bottles of olive oil made with handpicked olives.

A Vida Portuguesa - After the success in Chiado and Porto, A Vida Portuguese opened a new shop in Intendente neighbourhood. Being the anchor to the renovation of this part of town, the new space dedicated to the home presents the same brands promoted by A Vida Portuguesa since the beggining and new additions like Ideal & Co, Green Boots and La Paz.