Weekly Inspiration #09

Woodshop in MOTW – In the last issue of Man Of The World magazine, Jay Carroll went to Outer Sunset neighborhood, San Francisco, to visit Woodshop, “a workspace and showroom for four accomplished artisans who came together through a common interest in craft and design”. In the article we can read the inspiring story of Jeff Canham, Josh Duthie, Luke Bartels and Danny Hess: a sign painter, chair restoration artist, furniture builder and wooden surfboard shaper respectively.

The Adventures of Bruno Smith – Since the beginning that i admire La Paz, founded by André Bastos and José Miguel de Abreu, for pairing traditional production with a contemporary look. In this images, surf photographer Bruno Smith wonders around Bali in great style with garments by the brand from Porto.

Tally-Ho Helmet – The renowned french illustrator Mcbess, that among many things designed the labels ofThe Finkus Collection for Quinta do Pôpa, colaborated with Toons One to create this appealing helmet. Standing out for the retro design and ironic illustrations, Tally-Ho is the perfect accessory for a vintage scooter.