Weekly Inspiration #07

Bandelore Axe - After helping cutting (with a chainsaw) some dead palmtrees on my last holidays, i realized the beauty of chopping wood. This axe by american brand Best Made it's the perfect accessory to do so, being a "dependable, versatile tool and with a rich and powerful history".

Paul Smith Interview - For the 100th interview of The Talks, founded in 2011 by Sven Schumann and Johannes Bonke, the duo choose british designer Paul Smith.  Inspiring as always, Smith talks a bit of everything, from his life and work to the original gifts that he receives by mail.

José Lourenço Photos - Being one of my favourite artists, my great friend José Lourenço is today a reference in Instagram, having more than 50000 followers. Exploring the backstage of his atelier and Instagram Symbology, José Lourenço shows a world full of colour, shape and irony. A must follow!