Weekly Inspiration #05

Tabouret Solvay - Relaunched in April by Vitra, this small stool designed in 1941 by Jean Prouvé is one of my favourite pieces. Standing out for its simplicity, sturdiness and the unmistakable Prouvé signature, Solvay can also be used as an appealing side table.

O Portugal de Catarina Portas - Presenting "some of the most important figures of portuguese public life in the last 50 years", the RTP documental series 'O Portugal de' reveals "the life and thoughts of a public figure, the persons, places, times and happenings". In the episode dedicated to Catarina Portas, the founder of A Vida Portuguesa talked not only about the portuguese identity, the significance of consumption, that products' origin could be a distinguishing factor, but also refers that is essential portuguese people changing their attitude, stop complaining and start doing. I couldn't agree more!

Saco de Papel - Handmade by Annett Bourquin, Sacos de Papel are perfect to carry small things like your wallet, keys or sunglasses. The new model made in cork leather, "the coolest material around", tells Borquin, is a fresh reinterpretation of this timeless piece.