Weekly Inspiration #04

Basil Racuk SF - Known for the simplicity and attention to detail of his leather pieces, Basil Racuk will open tomorrow his first shop. Located in San Francisco's vibrant Mission district, the space showcases not only the bags and accessories collection by Racuk, but also the jewelry by Miles Eastman. A must visit! Tanaka - Founded by Miguel Ramalhão, Ramalhoni is a small brand from Porto that matches portuguese tradition with "british style, italian elegance and nordic irreverence". Tanaka shoes, my favorite, present a classic design and Vibram soles, which make them very comfortable.

Herb Lester Lisbon - I always loved Herb Lester guides, for the illustrations, maps and unique approach. After London, New York or Madrid, among many others, Herb Lester launched the Lisbon guide, encompassing "the classic and contemporary: custard tarts, canned fish, brutalist architecture and a factory repurposed as shops and offices".