Weekly Inspiration #01

Fortaleza do Guincho - Last friday we went to Fortaleza do Guincho restaurant to taste the menu developed by Antoine Westermann and Vincent Farges. Besides the magnificent sunset, great company and conversation, and the choice of wines, we loved the marinated lily and tomato tartare with tarragon vinegar, the sautéed alf codfish casing with coriander and the Mara des bois strawberries with basil sorbet. Arnaldo Sunglasses - It's no secret that i love Paulino Spectacles collection and the new model Arnaldo is one my favourite. "Arnaldo is named after the man who married my sister Branca. A great technician, he worked in my father's optical store. Good listener, good counselor", tells Ramiro Pereira.

Ribeiro do Cavalo Beach - After the Sesimbra port, following a dirt road and finally walking in narrow footpaths between the vegetation, we arrived one of the most beautiful wild beaches in Portugal. With very few people, crystalline water and an impressive cliff, Ribeiro do Cavalo beach is the best kept secret in the Lisbon area.