Walls of Benin

Brought from India by the British, were it was used by Muslims, pyjamas turned out to be an essential part of domestic clothing of British upper class in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Recovering this piece that fell out of use until recently, Chi Atanga launched the brand Walls of Benin, crossing the western and African culture in an exemplary manner. Having been inspired by extensive wall that protected the kingdom of Benin for centuries to name the brand, Atanga developed an appealing collection where the simple traditional pyjama design intersects with colorful African patterns.
Based in Oporto and producing the collection in Portugal, Chi Atanga future dream is to fully manufacture his range in African territory by Fabrica Sacred Heart initiative, promoting sustainable development and social responsibility. Apart from this ongoing project, we love the beautiful reinterpretation of the classic pyjamas by combining attention to detail and unusual patterns, perfect to wake up with a smile on your face! Pre-order the pyjamas here.

“Like the song ‘Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa’, Walls of Benin is influenced by the mixture of native and occidental cultures. Our products and perspective perfectly define the refined exoticism of East meeting West, both traditional and new, refined yet raw.”