Founded by Sara Panton, humanitarian activist and designer, and her brother Sean, Vitruvi is a new brand that uses fragrances to tell stories from different cultures around the world. Inspired by the idea of creating a new standard in aromatherapy, the canadian brothers combine the science of scent with the art of fragrance production to develop a line of beautiful, functional and socially aware products, as part of the brand's sales are donated to programs which support sustainable essential oil farming and community health programs within countries that Vitruvi sources its raw materials. 
Using essential oils from 17 countries, Vitruvi gives special attention to the 'scent association', a phenomenon that uses the same aroma repeatedly for specific tasks and activities, in order to train the brain to associate specific fragrances to a certain behavior, or cognitive state. From waking up with an aroma of juniper or going to bed with vetiver, each fragrance is designed to guide the limbic system and the nose throughout the day. From the simplicity of the bottles to the mixture of essential oils, made in Vancouver in limited batches, the perfumes, massage oils and toners by Vitruvi are perfect for creating new rituals in modern times. More about Vitruvi here.

"Synthetic smells and marketing have turned the art of aroma into a business that puts more emphasis on the shape of a bottle, than the story of the molecules within it."