Valerie Objects

When we saw the pieces of Muller Van Severen in the exhibition ‘Landscape for Living’ at The Apartment in Copenhagen in 2014, we were rendered to the simplicity, purity and originality of the creations of the Belgian duo. Now produced by Valerie Objects, the line of furniture and lighting designed by Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen was the first set of pieces that the original brand from Antwerp launched with the aim of promoting the work of artists and designers, turning their creative vision into tangible objects. Founded by Axel Van Den Bossche, Frank Lambert (both from Serax brand) and Veerle Wenes (Valerie Traan Gallery), Valerie Objects takes an unique approach, that also seeks to find existing objects, that never seen the light of day, being the ideal platform for authentic creators and freethinkers to launch or recycle their ideas. The collection signed by the duo of artists Muller Van Severen could not be better example of the Belgian brand commitment to originality and visual freshness. Staying on the border between art and design, the pieces take on a sculptural nature, through the elegant geometric shapes in metal tube and elaborate color combinations, but its functionality turn them into useful pieces for contemporary interiors.
'The Cutlery Project' is the latest project of Valerie Objects, in which designers and artists from various places developed unique collections of cutlery, designed to surprise the eyes, hands and mouth. Scheduled for release early next year, ‘The Cutlery Project’ will present creations of Muller Van Severen, Maarten Baas and Koichi Futatsumata, serving as an appetizer for the next creations of the Belgian brand.