Founded by Stefan Karlström and Eva Tsang, Trottermag is an online publication dedicated to the most appealing locations internationally. Assuming as a guide for sophisticated travelers, Trottermag presents a careful selection of shops, cafes, hotels and neighborhoods to visit in each city, combining information and photograph in an exemplary manner. Currently presenting three guides, the publication shows the best activities to do in New York, London and Paris. While the food and independent stores dominate the guide of  the 'city that never sleeps' and theLondon one catch a glimpse of the best hotels to stay and places to eat the traditional 'fish and chips', the guide dedicated to Paris shows the most appealing neighborhoods, chocolatiers and macaroon shops.

"We created Trottermag simply out of our love and passion for food and travel. Exploring the world together and discovering all the wonders and charm a new city has to offer has not only brought us closer together but it has been a true inspiration for us. Over 40 countries explored, we still have a thirst for adventure and love the thrill of exploring new parts of the world together. We hope to share our love for travel with you through our discoveries and hope that we inspire your next great adventure."