Tonic Room

Featuring one of our favorite brands, Martina Organics, Tonic Room is a beautiful apothecary and organic cosmetics store in Auckland, New Zealand, offering a wide range of herbal medicines, supplements, teas, perfumes and organic beauty products. Apart from quality brands such as Jacqueline Evans, Triumph & Disaster, Solgar, Deitea or Herbivore Botanicals, among many others, the store is especially appealing for the magnificent attention to detail. The interiors, designed by Material Creative, were designed so that the products were the main point of attention. The shelving system, specially created for the Tonic Room, the golden details, the wooden floor and the counter in glossy navy make this store an airy, bright and welcoming place. The product photography, the identity of the store (designed by Hardhat) and a deep knowledge of the products they sell, make this store an unique project!