Tomás Alonso

The first time I came across with a piece designed by Tomás Alonso was when I saw the 5º trestles for Moormann. Its simplicity and attention to small details were the elements that caught my attention on these trestles, which could be used as a base of a table top or as a small stool. Looking at the work of Tomás Alonso, designer born in Spain, we can see his passion for materials - wood, stone, metal - and the intentional intersection between art and design, the sculptural and the practical, between poetry and pragmatism. Drawing on many occasions apparently too simple objects, Alonso counteracts this containment of form with details filled with irony. The table ‘A Frame’ for Karimoku New Standard is an excellent example of this: an tripod shaped trestle combines a structure in solid wood with the third leg in a colorful metal, giving an unexpected look to a classic silhouette. Following the same logic with the combination of materials, Alonso has over the years developed a series of pieces that cross materials in an exemplary manner, as the ‘Val de Barco' tables for Sirvent that combine chestnut, granite and painted steel. However, the most striking pieces that Alonso developed was for Offset collection of the Italian brand Maxdesign. While the functional storage system is especially appealing for mixing modularity and elegance, the tables offer an unexpected visual freshness and unusual solutions for workspaces. Assuming a bridge between craft and technology, Tomás Alonso is one of our favorite designers!