Three Days in Fogo Island

When i saw this beautiful series of pictures by Fernando Guerra, i was impressed by the drama of the landscape, almost lunar, and for once again the human aspect playing an important role in the work of the portuguese photographer. Known to be one of the best architectural photographers internationally, Fernando Guerra spent three days on Fogo Island, Cape Verde, to portray the new headquarters of the Fogo's Natural Park and the breathtaking natural surroundings. A project by OTO architects, the building of dark tones intertwined with the volcanic landscape and the locals give color to a place that aims to be a reference point for the society and economy of Fogo Island. Celebrating 15 years of the FG + SG studio, Fernando Guerra could not have chosen (together with the launch of  FG Edition with Sul Bags) a better way to mark the anniversary.

"The natural landscape, deeply marked by the volcano and its crater, is a unique and rare beauty, with the potential to become a world heritage site. In this context, the basic idea was to design a building so as to be part of the landscape and the landscape being part of the building, and to have sort of a melting of darker skins. During daytime, the long walls shape the building and blend with the road creating a maze and a mix of shadows. At night, bright light is avoided, so to protect the native birds, all lighting is indirect. The challenges of shortage of local resources became an opportunity and, therefore, the building was made by the people and for the people, using local materials and techniques."