The Ride: Subida à Glória

In spite of the hills, the cobbled streets and tram rails, the bicycle came to stay in Lisbon and the proof was the centenary celebration of the mythical Subida à Glória. Forgotten in time, this competition of 265 meters wasn't ridden for several decades and had an intact record since 1926, when Alfredo Piedade finished it in 55.40 seconds. The ingredients to be an amusing night were all there: a 17.7% slope with an irregular pavement (a mist of cobbles and rails) and the route of one of Lisbon's most emblematic funiculars. Between foldable Brompton's, cargo and BMX bikes, pro cyclists like Fábio Silvestre from Leopard Trek and curious amateurs (like me), the shortest classic in the world was a great celebration with hundreds of people watching and in which rain helped to make Subida à Glória an even more epic race. Despite my secret wish of being called the 'Glória rocket' (that title goes to Ricardo Marinheiro, who won with an incredible time of 39.76 seconds), i really enjoyed entering the time trial (i've ended in 69th place with 1:15.03 seconds, just ahead of Marco Chagas, who won four Volta a Portugal in the eighties) and hope to be there next year! See also this amazing video by Manuel Portugal (of B Magazine) and the oficial poster, designed by our friends of Matilha Cycle Crew.