The Ride: Monsanto

When in 1868, the military engineers and geologists Carlos Ribeiro and Nery Delgado said that Serra do Monsanto "should be forested" to soothe the "aridity that the traveller notices when entering the Tagus river seeing in one side and the other barren mountains" and that " the massive green of the trees would give the city a more smiling appearance", they were far to imagine that Monsanto would become one of lisboans favourite spaces and a perfect place to cycle. In the roads where Óscar Freire become road world champion in 2001 under the warm applauses and cheering of the public, the silent roads of today offer an eclectic route, full of defiant hills, fast descents and plain terrain inviting to velocity. Between river and bridge views, the military base, the abandoned panoramic restaurant (a project of architect Chaves da Costa), the prison, the court and the vast forest of oak trees, eucalyptus and pines, Monsanto has the best roads to enjoy cycling in Lisbon. Monsanto7Monsanto2Monsanto4Monsanto5Monsanto6Monsanto3