The Residency: Ilse Crawford

Sometimes there are collaborations that could not be more perfect, and this is one of them. Ilse Crawford, one of our favourite interior designers, teamed up with The Apartment, a magnificent design gallery in Copenhagen, to design The Residency. From August 22 to November 02, the British designer takes The Apartment as her residence, redesigning the interiors, giving new life through an informal atmosphere, kitchen suppers (through a temporary restaurant by Atelier September) and lively discussions. 
Believing that good design supports life and human behavior - be it a neighborhood, room, piece of furniture or small object - Crawford presents in The Apartment a space to be lived without pretense, in which the quality of the pieces and materials are merely to be enjoyed (and not admired) by those who visit. Known for her eclectic style, in which old and new, classic and modern coexist harmoniously, the designer exemplary pairs a number of textures and objects from different and unexpected origins to create comfortable and visually stimulating environments. The Residency summarizes Ilse Crawford's ability to transform spaces in homes and the commitment of the Danish gallery in presenting the most talented international designers and artists. Besides the pieces designed by Crawford for brands like De La Espada or George Jensen, the temporary installation presents for the first time the comfortable Ilse Sofa, developed by George Smith, and the beautiful Brass Cabinet, produced by Jack Trench.

“Too much design today is showcased or exhibited rather than experienced or used. What attracts us to The Apartment setting is that this is a real apartment in a residential building and hence a setting where the furniture and objects all make perfect sense. We wouldn’t do something like this in a gallery where the pieces are put on pedestals. We would like to see the rooms in use. In Tina (co-founder of the gallery) we have found the perfect partner to explore our philosophy further,” Ilse Crawford.