The Rapha City Collection

As always, Rapha presents cycling clothing full of style and appropriate to each situation, and the new city collection is no exception. To mark its launch, the British brand presents a series of chronic documenting the lives of those who live in one of the most culturally diverse capital, London. In the first series, the Rapha interviwed Nick Offord, model and graphic designer, and Franc Strazerri, script developer, portraying two londoners who cycle through the streets of this densely woven city of people, places and stories.

"There is constantly mad stuff happening on Brick Lane, recently there was an incident that involved a cyclist being knocked off his bike, getting up, and in retaliation throwing his bike through the windscreen of the driver responsible. I’m not going to lie; I laughed pretty hard as the cyclist sprinted off down the road without his bike," Nick Offord.

Regarding the city collection, the jeans and leather gloves are old favorites, however the new pieces are especially appealing. While the Pack Jacket is the perfect accessory to resist the showers and the new Cutter's shirt impressing with its pattern inspired by the Parisian newspaper couriers, the Classic Polo and Touring Shorts are ideal to enjoy the spring!