The Craft and the Makers

Recently released by Gestalten, the book The Craft and the Makers is definitely one of the most interesting titles launched by the German publisher lately (apart from the new Monocle Guide to Good Business). More than ever, in recent decades, small manufacturers and artisans are reborn in impressive fashion, the result of a growing taste for quality products, durable and that tell a story. The book The Craft and the Makers shows this movement of people seeking to offer products with soul to a growing public concerned with the real value of things, saturated with disposable items and seeking objects with the real value of things, everything we enjoy at O Editorial. In the 272 pages of this appealing book, we can find profiles of small companies and individuals who are taking a leading role in combining tradition with innovation. Be in the field of furniture, porcelain or leather goods, the book shows the current real luxury, the perfect fusion of creativity and traditional production techniques.

"Craftsmanship is an expression of quality, passion, and mindset. This book is a showcase of crafted products created by small manufacturers."