The Archivist

The act of collecting, by themes or simply randomly, is the demonstration of our curiosity and interests, of what really thrill us. Other thing related with collecting are the brands archives, and since i've seen part of Vitra archives i was fascinated by its historical and aesthetic richness. Jed Winokur, Coach archivist, blends this two sides of collecting in his life. In this The Selby video for Coach we can see the inspiring environment that surrounds the archivist, gathering objects forgetten by time in a river bank, pieces that he's drawn to because they "have been used and have a story attached to them". Feeling fascinated by "archives in general, because there's something really interesting in the life of a company, how that gets organized and what does it mean in 100 years", Jed Winokur has the task to catalogue and protect the magnificent Coach archive, a collection of more than 20.000 handbags and small leather goods.