Teatro & Verdade?!

After ‘Mar’ (available in O Editorial shop), a beautiful actividary about everything maritime, Pato Lógico launched ‘Teatro’, dedicated to the performing arts. As ‘Mar’, the new volume was brilliantly illustrated by André Letria and has amusing texts by Ricardo Henriques. Launching an engaging look at the theater, the book reveals the backstage, the terms that define it and challenges readers to embrace some very exciting activities.

“This Theatre is born back there, on the backstage of history. It is Portuguese, with Greek origins, and speaks French, oh lá-lá, Molière, avant-scène, scaramouche. The Theatre breaks the fourth wall that keeps the audience apart. It requests eyes to see and hands to clap. This Theatre is on stage so that a Danish prince might be or not be, to comb a hairless singer and to give Ernesto importance. This Theatre, full of comedies, dramas and tragedies, is another actividary (activities+dictionary) published by Pato Lógico, now turned into a stage animal.”  

Another Pato Lógico novelty that caught our attention was the ‘Verdade?!’. Illustrated by Bernardo P. Carvalho, this little book shows the adventure of a fisherman and his four-legged companion in a violent storm. However, like all good stories, there are those who do not believe in such courage. Brilliant!

“A fisherman sails to the sea in another fishing expedition with his faithful friend. The waves, that looked calm at first, grow bigger, from the deep sea monsters emerge, threatening lightnings fall from the sky. When all seemed lost, the fishery is saved in an unexpected way. Sounds fishy? I swear it’s true!”