Taxonomy of Design

The Aesop's business model is undoubtedly a case study and let us always surprised by the concept's consistency and extreme attention to detail. Having achieved the best of both worlds - quality skin products and beautiful shops designed by the best international architects and interior designers - the Australian brand recently launched a new website dedicated to the creative process of their physical spaces.
Taxonomy of Design is a great inspiration and a raised veil for those wishing to see the backstage of one of the most successful brands in the cosmetics field. Unlike the big international chains that standardize the design of the stores around the world, Aesop stands out for immense respect for the community, local culture and history, with spaces tailored to each location. A fine example of this commitment is the Mayfair store in London, designed by Ilse Crawford in 2008. Through the beautiful color of the walls, a deep petrol blue, and the choice of materials, furnishings and accessories, the store presents a truly London concept, mixing modernity and classicism, a perfect space to symbolize the feeling of well-being associated with the brand. Back in Kyoto, the store designed by Shinichiro Ogata reflects the purity and history of this Japanese city through a space of great simplicity, where white and materials such as copper, cement and fabric panels dominate this serene and deeply sensory space.
Apart from this, Taxonomy of Design shows all other locations of Aesop in the world, accompanied by a detailed description of the materials used, architectural approach and images of the stores. A must visit!