Tanner Goods

One of the things we like here at O Editorial is to find brands that respect materials, that create timeless objects and that have born from the passion of its founders for quality design, and Tanner Goods is one of those cases. Founded in Portland, Oregon, by a collective of designers and craftsmen, the brand offers an appealing collection of bags and accessories in leather and canvas, as well as a selection of notebooks, furniture, bicycles, clothing... everything we need to complement our lifes in a simple, functional and beautiful way. Tanner Goods aims to develop modern products that respect the past, with a strong aesthetic component, carefully produced by hand. In our wishlist are the magnificent bicycle Cielo Sportif Classic, Nokori folding chair and the Everyday Tote, among many other things!

"We believe in having less (and better versions) of the things we need, in choosing products that are built to last, and in learning how to maintain those items over their lifespans. We are not technology averse, but we choose not to make things that will become obsolete when the next product cycle rolls around."