Inspired by his grandfather's raincoat, Alexander Stutterheim founded his brand after reaching the conclusion that "there was nothing nice to wear in bad weather." Recently visited by The Brander, Alexander Stutterheim showed the backstage of the swedish brand and speaks of his inspiration: the melancholy that comes from bad weather and the long periods indoors. Assuming the brand's story as the starting point for a unique relationship with the end customer, Stutterheim became a reference in this niche by the simplicity of the cut, attention to detail and use of quality materials. Produced by hand in Europe, the Stutterheim collection presents a modern version of the traditional and durable raincoats. From the most lively tones of Stockholm model, posing a smile on your face in the rainiest days; the classic Arvid, with a beautiful tartan lining; or the practical Inferno, also available with a camouflage pattern; Stutterheim coats are definitely the best solution to stay dry in style!

"I am very happy (although I am melancholic from time to time) that I have managed to give new life to my grandad’s old coat. A coat to wear out in the countryside, at the sea or just when strolling around the city. To be well-dressed, even in bad weather conditions, is now possible."





Photos by Kristofer Hedlund for The Brander