Sturdy Brothers

Inspired by the great productive tradition of the United States, which mainly was transferred to the Far East, many artisans are trying to proudly bring back the taste for local products made with love, quality and great attention to detail. The Sturdy Brothers is an excellent example of this movement and its small collection demonstrates the passion that the two brothers and brand founders have when designing this beautiful line of bags and accessories. Founded by Ben and Spencer Young, Sturdy Brothers presents a collection of vintage-inspired products in leather and waxed canvas, combining timeless design and robustness. In addition to the aprons, we especially love the Hudson weekend duffle bag and notebook tote!

“When you purchase a Sturdy Brothers product, you are helping to support a small business. You are putting your hard-earned money back into the American economy, which helps businesses like us thrive. We like to think that we're doing our part to bring manufacturing back to America, and we couldn't do it without you. We handcraft every product ourselves in our workshop using American-made materials. As a business, we want to create the best products available because that's what you deserve.”