Stef Bakker

In recent years, the catalogs of the Italian brand Arper have been an unavoidable reference on a graphic and aesthetic level. The last volume, dedicated to news from Orgatec, especially caught our attention by the small decorative details and the lightness with which the new Arper products were presented. The responsible for this depurated image was Stef Bakker, a talented Dutch designer.
Despite his main activity being related with interior design, Bakker is a true man of all trades, being professor at the Eindhoven Design Academy, co-founder of the Orange Babies, which offers help to African women and children infected with HIV and develops communication for companies and institutions.
In addition to his work for Arper and Danskina, where he crosses the two brands' products with cultural references, the interior design projects are particularly interesting for the eclectic choice of furniture, simplicity and visual comfort. Like his apartment in Amsterdam, the projects signed by Stef Bakker are discreetly elegant, harmonious spaces, where the vintage furniture is mixed carefully with natural materials and unique architectural details. We love it!

“His work is a strong combination of the physical with the visual, his obsession with the hand, with the tactile, with the human feeling behind a thing makes his work always strong and engaging”, Ilse Crawford, creative director.