Special Edition: Interview with Velo Culture

After presenting yesterday the special edition bicycle O Editorial x Velo Culture, we talked with Miguel Barbot and Sérgio Moura, co-founders of Velo Culture:

What makes O Editorial x Velo Culture bicycle special?
The bike was thought by us and we had the concern of choosing high quality parts and materials. We controled the whole process because the whole bike was assembled by us, piece by piece. The frame is also manufactured in Portugal.

"The style of the bike is defined by the compact frame, which is then fitted with pieces prepared for intensive urban use."

We choose brands with a pedigree in the urban bike scene. The hube brakes, the internal gears, the shifters and even the crankset is from Sturmey Archer. The saddle is a Brooks Cambium, made with natural rubber and waterproof organic cotton.
In the end, the combination of colors, with the geometry and style of the bike end up being very happy. Of course when we have good materials, it will eventually stand out as well.

How do you think urban cycling has evolved in Portugal?
Slowly, very slowly. In 2010 - 2011 it seemed to us that there would be a boom, a faster growth, but the pace has been slow. People love their cars too much and in the past 30 years have become bourgeois. With the return of people to city centers, which is evident here in Porto, things will improve. But it will take a lot of time, if there are no public policies that make things easier.

What are your favorite routes to ride your bicycles?
Pedaling in Porto is always a pleasure. In the area where we are, in Matosinhos, near the Port of Leixões, the city is perfect for using the bike, which is by far the most efficient means of transportation. The city is completely flat and has a great scale for those using bicycles. The car here is a strange element: there is no parking and the distances do not justify the time lost just to put on and remove the car from the parking space.

"But the preferred routes are naturally out of Porto. We usually go out with road bikes to Gerês or Douro. The morning rides in the promenades heading south, especially when everything is still asleep and there's a beautiful mist."



Photos by Alice Bernardo