Simon Kämpfer

As everyone knows, here in O Editorial the simplicity, quality and attention to detail are the things we value the most in products and the work of designer Simon Kämpfer symbolizes all this perfectly. Coming from Switzerland, and currently living in London, Kämpfer worked in the Ilse Crawford studio before going solo. The 'school' at Studio Ilse - where he was responsible for the lighting, furniture and home accessories design - is shown in his approach to design, for elevating materials and for objectivity of the pieces he creates, avoiding superfluous and meaningless elements. Apart from being the art director of De La Espada and the work for the Ace Hotel in London, for which he designed furniture and lighting for the rooms and common areas, Kämpfer has been involved in a number of appealing projects for brands such as Zilio A&C. From the trio Laurel, Stan and Hardy, a beautiful set of coat hanger, side table and valet in solid wood and the elegant mirror and hanger June & Frank to the line of trays and cutting boards Maru & Naga, his work developed for the Italian brand has been exemplary. Apart from this collaboration with Zilio A&C, the Swiss designer developed an appealing tea tray for Laenggass Tee, the interiors of some cafes in London and productions for The Guardian and Volga linens. Definitely one of our favorite designers!