Short Story I: Casa dos Parafusos

Fiction:... and in the middle of thousands and thousands of screws, nuts and washers with several sizes and shapes, he knew where to find every reference, like a doctor assembling an anatomical model. In the narrow and dark corridors of Casa dos Parafusos, António picked the small metallic parts, asking himself constantly where it will be used. Despite the small size and importance that was given to it, for him screws were one of the most amazing human creations, holding the world together...

Reality: Founded in the forties, Casa dos Parafusos it's one the greatest icons of traditional retail in Lisbon. Despite being closed (the new shop, under a new name, opened next door), Casa dos Parafusos has one of the most beautiful tile panels of the city, perfect example of the best mid century graphic design.

Casa dos Parafusos, Rua da Boavista 186, Lisbon.