Short Stories

Created by my journalist friend Sandra Nobre, Short Stories are "custom-made books, written individually for each client. It can be a biography, a love story, a book to mark a special date. Reality or fiction, the result will always be a version of the story".
For Christmas, Short Stories launched its first edition of collaborations with portuguese brands, "made by the experienced hands of some of the best portuguese artisans, pairing design and tradition". With Vellas Loreto, Short Stories created a box of candles with history, inspired by the first coloured 'lights' made by the centenary store in 1845. To send a message in a bottle, Sandra Nobre developed an original bottle with Vista Alegre / Atlantis in mouth-blown glass, that comes with a portuguese cork box and stopper. And if you want to start your own story, Short Stories created the perfect diary to write "stories to be kept in secret, handbound with traditional methods, coming in an elegant velvet bag". Love it!