Serrote Crate

Being one of my favourite projects in Portugal, Serrote launched recently a crate "designed to be enjoyed outdoors under a blue sky or a starry sky". Pairing utilitarian objects, sense of humour and a strong maritime feeling, each crate is composed by "communication systems, cutting tools, office supplies, woodwinds, or distinctive badges of skilled handwashing clothes staff can be found in this survival kit to be used in the wild or in the concrete jungle". With a 100 units numbered edition, the crate has two pairs of semaphore flags, "for those who want to communicate over distance without tariffs or without wiretapping", and respective alphabets; a sailor's pocketknife; a pair of bicolour socks, "a little help to distinguish left from right, port from starboard"; two embroidered badges; cotton yarn; a whistle with baker's twine; and three wonderful notebooks. Love it!