Search and State

As you may have noticed, cycling is our favorite sport, as such is always refreshing for us to see other apparel brands in addition to our favorite Rapha. Founded and produced in New York, Search and State offers a cycling garment collection for men and women, combining timeless design, attention to detail and some irony. Combining the best technical fabrics, an unique style and a perfect fit, the American brand is dedicated to all lovers of two wheels, whether they are training, competing or following a stage of the Tour de France. Making the whole process from design to final production in Midtown Manhattan, Search and State takes the best of local knowledge and tradition in clothing manufacture to create a collection full of classics and some garish pieces. In addition to the comfortable bib shorts S1-S and the resistant S1-J jacket, we love the jersey with the Hawaiian pattern!

“Our story is a simple one.  We design and manufacture some of the world’s best performance and lifestyle apparel.  We know this because it’s what we hear from our clients, year after year.  We’ve won awards and won over loyal customers who recognize our attention to quality, fit, styling, and an unmatched selection of luxury performance fabrics.”