It's not the first time i discover abroad an interesting project made by a portuguese. In this wonderful video by Hole & Corner magazine, Pedro da Costa Felgueiras, founder of Saudade shop, talks about his inspirations, life in London and the products sold at the online store.
Presenting the best portuguese pieces in a careful and appealing way, "Saudade is the product of over twenty years of Pedro da Costa Felgueiras living in London and travelling into deep corners of secret Portugal. He brings his experience of the last two decades of working with colour and historic materials as well as his design and art projects into Saudade. From the very beginning of living in London, in 1990, Pedro started bringing these products back from his native Portugal. Objects sometimes chosen for their never-changing packaging, sometimes just because they recall the sunshine of childhood or evoke popular Portuguese ideals. Above all, Saudade products are selected for their strong connection to Pedro’s labour intensive own work and the way these pieces are still being hand produced. Miraculously, Portugal seems to have maintained the quality of handmade manufacturing with minimal mechanical assistance. Knowledge is passed down the generations, from father to son, from employee to employee, with a persistence that stands apart from the over-industrialization of the rest of Europe".
Besides the exclusive products, like the notebook made in collaboration with Emílio Braga, i love the Bordallo Pinheiro ceramics selection, candles and blankets from Serra da Estrela.