Like all sea and summer lovers, I spend the months before the holidays dreaming about the waves, the warm sun on the skin, the good feeling after a tiring day at the beach and lunchs with grilled fish and fresh salads. In volume 12, the saltwater issue, Kinfolk summarizes everything we like in summer and explores one of the oldest and most universal seasonings and its natural habitat: the sea. Making an invitation to enjoy the sea, this issue of Kinfolk presents a selection of essays about the summer, an amusing guide to good manners at the beach, the artist Andres Amador and his sand paintings, an interview with Mark Kurlansky, a visit to the salt desert in Bolivia and a set of recipes in which this seasoning takes a prominent role.
And what better option for making some recipes from Kinfolk than using the Portable Sea kit by Salmarim. Conceived by Inês Eva and Patrícia Conde, this kit contains three tubes with fleur de sel from Algarve - natural, spicy or aromatic - ideal for taking this seasoning (and the sea) everywhere!

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever", Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Photo by O Editorial