Saber Fazer

Created by our friend Alice Bernardo, Saber Fazer is an initiative devoted to the study of artisanal and semi-industrial production techniques in Portugal. After accompanying the renovation of a historical building in Guimarães (2005-2006), she worked on documenting the plaster and gilding interventions executed by local skilled artisans. Due to the lack of apprentices, Alice felt it was urgent to document accurately their craft, so that some of their knowledge was in some way available to the public.
As a platform to celebrate the work of craftsmen and small industrial units, Saber Fazer has recently launched an online store with a careful selection of products dedicated to the topic. Besides a book documenting the many tools used in carpentry and joinery, and the respective screen printing, the store offers unique products like wooden spindles, merino wool from Alentejo, posters, yarns and an interesting lithuanian book about basketry. A must visit!