New Zealand may be choosing a new flag, and its design seems to divide opinions, however one of the true flags of this country have been its creative people, and Resident brand is an excellent example of this. Founded in 2011 by Simon James (designer and distributor of the best international brands through his eponymous store) and Scott Bridgens (which among other things, worked at Tom Dixon for several years as operations manager), Resident is the first editor of New Zealand design and honestly it could not be doing it in a better way. Collaborating with the best local designers such as Jamie McLellan or Nat Cheshire, the brand combines quality, timeless design and natural materials, showing an exemplary collection of furniture and lighting. The Studio chair, with its simplicity and robustness, the comfortable armchair Pick Up Sticks and the geometric Scholar table are our favourite furniture pieces, while the elegant Mesh Space suspension lamp, the sculptural Hex pendant and the Oud table lamp are our first choices in the lighting range.

“Resident's essence revolves around an authentic combination of world leading design, bold materiality and exceptional fabrication.”