The Last Ice Merchant

With modern freezers and industrial ice, it seems odd that someone still dedicates himself to bring natural ice from a mountain, but it's exactly that Baltazar Ushca Tenesaca has done for over 50 years. Directed by Sandy Patch, the short film 'The Last Ice Merchant' illustrates the life of this 67 years old ecuadorian, that on daily basis climbs up with his donkeys the highest mountain in the country, Mount Chimborazo, to collect its "tastiest and sweet" ice. Despite being the last one to do this kind of job - his two brothers also left this way of living - Baltazar continues his lonely and dangerous mission to bring the ever more distant ice to the local market, where is seen as a rarity. In this prized film not only we can see the persistence of a man in maintaining tradition and culture, but also can watch the stunning landscape around this dormant volcano. Brilliant!