Pedro Kok

I've discovered the work of Pedro Kok recently and immediatly the brasilians' photography caught my attention. Collaborating regularly with Domus magazine, Pedro Kok "has as field of work and research the photography and videography of architecture, urban structures and cities". In his interview to ArchDaily, the photographer tells that "architecture photography presents an intense clash between what can be controlled and what escapes the possibilities of the photographer, architect and the man in general". Besides the naturality and intimacy, the images by Kok explore the relation of persons, objects and nature with the buildings and its interiors. Despite having photographed some of the most emblematic buildings worldwide, the photo series i love the most - for the attention to detail and historic value - is Residência Artigas, built by architect João Batista Vilanova Artigas in 1949. Kokartigas2Kokartigas3