Project 50

As one of the brands that I enjoyed the most to work, USM caught my attention from the moment in which I dealt with the iconic Haller furniture system. Industrial, versatile and with a timeless design, the system celebrates in 2015 half a century of existence. To mark this date, the Swiss brand launched Project 50, an initiative that encourages a new generation of designers to explore the concept of modularity. Having joined in September 2014 members from seven international design and architecture schools in a chateau in Boisbuchet Domaine, USM challenged the students to rethink the modularity in the more general sense, which resulted in a series of bold and unique projects in areas such as furniture, lighting or modular architecture.
In addition, an experiment was launched, in which the USM left several Haller modules in university campuses, urging students to take these pieces home and make them part of their life. From Tokyo to Lausanne via Paris, Milan and Karlsruhe, students served as a test group about the relevance of Haller for the new generations. In the modest surroundings of their student residences, the system proved equally functional and aesthetically appealing, as in more sophisticated and elegant homes.
It's really fascinating to see the efforts of USM in not become a celebrated relic of the past, but a system for the future, in which the modularity will always be a solution to solve storage issues at home and in the office, as you also can see at the new site Personalities by USM, developed by Freund von Freunden. We love it!

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