Portuguese Flannel

While many European countries abandoned the more traditional industries at the expense of Asia, Portugal was one of the few which continued its long tradition in the manufacture of textiles, clothing, footwear and many other products. More recently, some small independent brands started a route to mix tradition with contemporary design, showing the world the beauty of the local production. Founded in Porto by brothers Manuel and António Magalhães, Portuguese Flannel is an excellent example of this. Being the fourth generation of a family linked to textile production, Magalhães brothers brought one of the most traditional Portuguese fabrics to the present day, in a mix of modernity and nostalgia. Long associated with fishermen and seamen, the flannel shirts have a special meaning in the local imaginary, and Portuguese Flannel adapted this image to a more urban and casual style. Produced in Guimarães area through a laborious manual process, the shirts reflect the past of the domestic industry, but also the future to be followed by Portuguese brands. We love it!

"One of the distinguishing and most laboured processes that flannel-making demands is the lifting up of the fibre ends, whereby our expert weavers 'nap' the cloth using a meticulous brushing technique. In doing so, this significant process distinctly raises the fibre ends to create a long lasting material with a smooth and cosy texture."