Pixel Trade

For the record, no one told us that Shantanu Starick was in Lisbon shooting for Kinfolk… it’s a shame because we would have liked to have done an exchange with him! Ironies aside, the Australian photographer created one of the most interesting projects we have seen in recent times: travel the world photographing without spending money, no contracts, just exchanging his work for shelter, food or a train ticket. Assuming himself as a multi-faceted photographer, not specialized in any particular area, Starick felt frustrated by the difficulty in finding work because of this creative scope. Having reached the conclusion that the exchange of services for money was the reason for this to happen, the photographer decided in 2012 to create Pixel Trade and start his journey through the seven continents with a camera in hand. Going back to the old way of trading, through exchanges, Starick finally fulfilled his dream of becoming a multi-faceted photographer, portraying a little of everything, from magnificent landscapes, fashion productions or food. Venturing into the world in order to be creative and to know like-minded people, Starick proofs (and encourages) that money can be dispensable in many of the transactions that we do every day through the exchange of talents. And the Australian talent is visible in all his photos, for the attention to details, capturing those details that would missed the eye of most people, the ability to capture the essence of each place and people, whether in New Zealand, Portugal or Ireland. Each exchange is also accompanied by a short text to document the adventure in that place or even interviews to the many people he met along the way. I only hope that Starick might want to come back to Lisbon again...


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