PH Furniture

While in the past, in the 80s and 90s, many design classics were no longer produced or had little public attention due to the constant demand for novelty, more recently the reissues of iconic pieces or forgotten creations of renowned architects and designers have been one of the great movements of design brands. PH Furniture, recently launched in Denmark, is an excellent example of this search for quality and attention to detail of the pieces created in the early and mid-twentieth century,  producing the furniture (almost unknown) designed by Poul Henningsen between 1910 and thirties. Known for the sculptural PH lamps, produced by Louis Poulsen, Henningsen developed throughout his career several pieces of furniture that embody his deep respect for materials like leather or wood. As the creations of other Nordic designers from the same period, Henningsen pieces stand out for the organic shapes, small elaborate details timeless design and are relevant today as when they were created. Based on 40 original drawings recovered by the founders of the brand, the collection includes beautiful pieces such as tables, make-up tables or chairs, we love it all!