Pedro da Costa Felgueiras

We had already presented Pedro da Costa Felgueiras in O Editorial through his online store Saudade, however the Portuguese living in London is best known for being one of the best restorers of the British capital. Having founded the Lacquer Studios in 1995, Felgueiras left Lisbon six years before to study ancient lacquer techniques in London and Japan. From ‘Japanning’, a lacquering method that uses 'Shellac' a resin derived from the Indian beetle secretions Laccifer Lacca, or 'Urishi', a term commonly used to describe the Asian lacquer, but which in reality is the extracted sap of some trees which is then transformed into varnish and applied in layers until creating  a dense and resistant surface. Currently, Felgueiras specializes in Eastern and European lacquer, as well as in historical painting, and called for the restoration of old houses or objects for private clients and museums. We love the fact that the Portuguese follows centuries old techniques strictly, keep traditions in danger of extinction alive and make his own paints manually. In addition to the restoration work, you can find pieces of Pedro da Costa Felgueiras in The New Craftsmen store. You can  also read more about the artist here and here.

“Sometimes I feel I was born a hundred years after my time. My earliest memories are of Sunday church, and of the gold and coloured marble, which I found quite overwhelming. But everybody else wanted new things, because they were surrounded by old things, they wanted plastic,” Pedro da Costa Felgueiras